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Whose Apple is it, Anyway! The Journal

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

Without fail, from her mother to strangers, readers of the book were deeply changed. They say the book brings up deep seated issues they had not faced and that they will tell us about it later. It was evident that debriefing was necessary as individuals progressed through the book. Whose Apple is it, Anyway! The Journal, was created to document your journey and to share those things you need to talk about in "the moment." The point of revelation or enlightenment. That "Ah-HA" moment at which it all comes together. You can take notes as you read each chapter, make your list of Truthful and Trusted Others, document your triggers as well as walk through the APPLE Inventory and the FRUITS Philosophy. It is the perfect way in which to document your journey from inspiration to motivation to the inevitable transformation that results from reading Whose Apple is it, Anyway! Empowering Purpose to Achieve Your God-Ordained Destiny.