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Why is Regression Testing essential?

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Regression testing is a part of QA and Software Testing which is done to identify any glitch or relapses that can occur in your software’s code due to any update, big fixing or functional code change. Sometimes, we fail to give regression testing its due importance but there are occasions when a major functionality breaks because of a minor, seemingly harmless fix in an unrelated area. A well-planned regression testing instills confidence in the overall quality of your product before its release which can translate to your user’s trust in the application or software after release. We cannot argue how each and every kind of testing holds its importance, but regression testing is crucial before you plan to prepare for the launch an application or software. Below are the reasons: The ultimate target here is to catch and identify any defects or bugs that could have been introduced because of the change before they reach the customer or user. A detailed report is sent to all the investors citing all the test cases after a regression check. This makes them self-assured about their product’s quality before release. A systematically done testing means that users will have a functional product to use with a flawless, bug free, user friendly interface and great experience. Which builds the user trust and gives them assurance to keep using the application. Benefits of Automated Regression Testing When a number of test cases are supposed to be carried for a project, automated testing is a real time savior. Automated Regression Testing reports any bugs, defects or errors fast in just a matter of a hours, which would otherwise take few days if tested by a manual procedure. To err, is human. It is but natural for a QA tester to may be skip or unintentionally make some mistakes. Automation of testing ensures that no functional test steps are missed. You can ensure Quality assurance in software testing when subjected to automation. Hike QA is one of the best