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Why Trump Won The 2020 Election, 21 Reasons The Democrats Lost
Whether you hate or adore Trump, you’ll love this book. This book is part page-turner thriller and part award-winning documentary. Endorsed by international best-selling authors Kare Anderson and Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott. Why Trump Won The 2020 Election – 21 Reasons The Democrats Lost is “worthy of Pulitzer consideration,” says professional book editor, Stephanie Annis. Dr. Keller’s book provides an in-depth and well-documented analysis on why Trump will win again in 2020, unless the Democrats can overcome 21 major challenges. This book, although critical of Trump at times, itemizes all of Trump’s strengths and assets, while reviewing 21 weaknesses within the Democratic Party. For the first time, we can see, hear, and feel all the moving parts of Trump’s no-holds-barred style of politics. The author fully, easily, and enjoyably explains the role of the Electoral College, third parties, Independent voters, little-known polls the can predict the winner of a presidential election, and a small subset of voters who always determine the winner in a close presidential race. Why Trump Won The 2020 Election also includes predictions including a very convincing argument as to why Mike Pence will be the 46th president of the United States.