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Will to Survive: Stop the Jihadists
Coleman Paul, author
Will to Survive: Stop the Jihadists by Coleman Paul is a hard-hitting short story. Four veterans returned from a tour of Afghanistan. All they have in mind is revenge. They want the jihadists quivering in their boots. They meet to plot, believing that the government is underestimating just how serious the domestic jihadist threat is. They don’t believe the government knows how to deal with the situation but they do. They don’t want radicalization in the US and the only way they can stop it is to fight back, fight fire with fire. Soon, a billionaire learns of their activities and recruits the vets, providing them with more resources but, although they are successful, the FBI labels them as vigilantes, people that must be punished. Can the vets wreak their revenge on the jihadists while evading the FBI?