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chris bathory
Wilted Flowers
A young girl dreams of escaping a life of hardship and poverty. Lindy, a teen whose young life has been marred by tragedy, receives an unexpected offer that appears to be the opportunity of a lifetime. Travel and adventure beckon promising happiness and riches to come. But after an astonishing betrayal, her excitement quickly turns to terror, and Lindy finds herself in a fight for her life and for the lives of everyone she loves. A young man dreams of a normal life after returning home from the war in Afghanistan. On a beautiful afternoon in a quiet neighborhood, Jesse sees something so shocking and disturbing that he is compelled to break a promise and intervene. But when he does, he learns something far worse than he could ever imagine. Jesse is forced to go above and beyond, once again, but this time, the war is in his homeland, and he faces an evil as insidious as any he encountered overseas. A chance encounter brings Lindy and Jesse together, and they soon realize they can be of help to one another. They team up to overcome impossible odds, battling a criminal empire that threatens to destroy them both.