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Wisdom Soldier
Dan Rivera, author
Mass shootings are on the rise! Learn why. Wisdom Soldier is a guide to understanding how broken dreams can lead to the creation of mass shooters. With firsthand experience as part of a highly dysfunctional family, the author provides great insights into a life of hopelessness and desperation and how he broke out of the anger and exchanged it for a life of wisdom. The topics in this book include learning why we must repair our self-esteem and self-imagine-- if we want to live out our dreams. Also expect to learn how dysfunctional families are created, effects of codependent relationships and how it leads to mental illness-and how to prevent it- so it doesn't happen to you or your loved ones. This brilliant book is a 3 phase personal and family empowerment teaching-- that will open your eyes through the use of new concepts, ideas, and solutions. But the author does not stop here: Learn the one teaching that will change your life forever and will bring hope to ending this Violence Epidemic. Expect Wisdom Soldier teachings to turn outcasts and rebels into inspired purpose driven citizens. America, I hope you're ready for positive change.