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RJ Pineiro
Without Regret
RJ Pineiro, author
Waging a Secret War. WITHOUT REGRET. To Prevent . . . a World War. Against all odds, Colonel Hunter Stark and FBI Special Agent Monica Cruz must cross the lines of morality and justice in order to track down the perpetrators of a heinous crime that threatens to bring modern civilization to the very brink of a nuclear apocalypse. In a tragic turn of events, Kim Jong-un, President of North Korea, is assassinated during an official visit to America. On the surface, it appears as if the attack was carried out by the Japanese Mafia. And since it occurred on American soil, it makes the surviving leadership in Pyongyang believe this could be the precursor to an invasion. As the U.S. Seventh Fleet comes under attack in the Sea of Japan, American President Laura Vaccaro orders Stark and Cruz to unearth the proof she needs to exonerate America and Japan before North Korea and its allies―China and Russia―escalate the conflict into an all-out shooting war. It is haunting journey of unthinkable plots, special ops, thrilling naval battles, and unsavory alliances―a journey into the heart of darkness, without mercy, without fear . . . WITHOUT REGRET.
In Hunt and Pineiro’s rip-roaring third thriller featuring Col. Hunter Stark (after 2018’s Without Fear), technical problems cause the plane carrying Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s president, and his entourage to Washington, D.C., to land at Dallas–Fort Worth International Airport, where they run into ex-president George W. Bush, who loans the North Koreans his plane. That plane is shot down seconds after takeoff, killing everyone aboard. The shooters, Sinaloa cartel member Mireya Moreno Carreon, who has a grudge against Bush, and her henchmen, weren’t aware of the switch. Not on the plane was formidable Naree Kyong-Lee, the North Korean in charge of Kim’s security, who vows revenge. Several subplots, one featuring Stark’s former partner, FBI agent Monica Cruz, entertain, but it’s Stark’s efforts to prevent WWIII that will keep readers turning the pages. The superior action scenes more than compensate for some uneven writing (“Her eyes glinted with visible disdain on a ghostly and narrow face”) and hokey dialogue. Hunt and Pineiro reinforce their place in the military thriller genre. (Self-published)