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Without Wings Book One (To save A Soul) Book Two( Gambling On A Soul)
J.J Dunleavy is a family man and owner of MoM's Place Dinner In Delray Beach Florida. J.J is a church-going Man as well as Little League baseball coach. Everything in his life is moving smoothly. J.J had his two best friends working alongside him. Then his partner steals 100,000 Dollars. J.J begins to gamble trying to win the money back. He has become a degenerate gambler. You see now j.J is being tormented by combative Angel LUST. In one of his desperate moments he prayed. He didn't believe it worked. But the Angel SERENITY heard his faint mumbles and wants to help. So now Jonathan Joseph Dunleavy will learn the meaning of careful what you pray for. Look out Delray Beach....... Daniel Peter is on his way. This is the second book in a series of six. The first is Without Wings Book One ( To Save A Soul)