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Wolf River Dreams
Jesse Hawkins grew up in a small Midwestern town with creative visions of his world. But when his girlfriend died in an accident in which he was driving, he became plagued by recurring nightmares of that night. Now, after a year on the road without finding peace, Jesse is coming home to face the ghosts of his past. During the day, his life is returning to normal as he renews friendships, finds work as a singer, gains readmission to college, and begins a new relationship. By night, however, he must endure a steady barrage of strange, haunting dreams that drive him into a troubling mental state that takes him to the edge of his sanity. Wolf River Dreams follows the mental unraveling of Jesse as he battles wrenching nightmares that contain strange messages and bring him face-to-face with swirling blue firestorms, zombie-like corpses, and the persistent stares of a wolf with human eyes. As he searches for ways to bring an end to his nightmares, his troubling dreams threaten to destroy his new relationship, his family, and his world.