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Wordstruck! The Fun and Fascination of Language

Adult; Literary Essays, Critiques & Biographies; (Market)

Wordstruck! entertains and enriches with a wealth of humorous, insightful revelations on language and cultures. Dive in anywhere and delve into everything from cockney slang to terms of endearment around the world; from pungent Shakespearean insults to foreign translations gone riotously bad; from the intriguing origins of “hello” as a phone greeting to why we speak English using several hundred Arabic words. Discover fascinating word origins, fall in love with metaphors and malapropisms (and even prepositions!), learn how to spot liars through their words, uncover the secrets to building the brain like a muscle, and find out what really goes on behind closed foreign language classroom doors. Have a love affair with the lexicon—Let Wordstruck! feed your brain, warm your heart, and tickle your funny bone.
OnlineBookClub Reviews

“This book offers many hours of enlightenment, excitement, and entertainment. Anyone who is fascinated with words will devour this book with gusto. I give this outstanding book 4 out of 4 stars. I cannot give it less for the memorable experience I gained from reading it.”