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Carla Bass
Write to Influence!
Powerful writing changes lives! It correlates directly to success, personal and professional. You may be the best qualified candidate—hands down—but if the competition is better at telling a story, you lose. Want to win that academic scholarship, promotion, or business proposal? Advocating for a grant or internship? Composing a critical annual report? Proven writing tools and strategies are demonstrated in context of resumes, email, and presentations, then reinforced with 200 exercises. This book is tailored for both the individual and for today’s private business, corporate, academic, government, non-government, and military communities. Learn to compose text—clear, concise, and compelling—to beat the competition and achieve your goals.
—Dr. Lani Kass, Senior Vice President Corporate Strategic Advisor, CACI

“Carla brilliantly captured in one entertaining, easily read document the nuances of writing that infuse products with clarity, focus, and direction. If effective writing is your goal, put this book in your tool kit!”

Baba Zipkin, Former Senior Counsel, IBM

"As a lawyer for whom effective communication is essential, I heartily recommend Write to Influence! Clear and convincing writing is a key factor in making a compelling and successful argument; this book sets out a road-map for achieving that goal. In addition to being informative and very useful, it is fun to read!  Write to Influence! should be in every professional's library."

Judith A. Sprieser, Non-Executive Director Allstate Corporation, InterContinent

“Write to Influence! will rejuvenate the lost art of clear, concise, professional writing. Moreover, corporate CEOs will rejoice at no longer being encumbered by reports difficult to read and frustrating to unravel!”

Mark Amtower, Managing Partner Amtower & Company

“How often do you read something, and you don’t know what it says? Happens all the time.The ability to write concisely and coherently remains a key skill to advance in any profession, and an important life skill for those with something worth saying. Yet fewer and fewer people seem to do so.

Write to Influence! is an essential guide for anyone seeking to improve their writing skills and inform or influence others with the written word. The book starts with the concept of choosing precise words, then moves to strategies for influencing. Filled with examples and exercises, anyone reading this can and will improve their written communication skills.

I write every day, and I am constantly seeking ways to improve my writing skills. Write to Influence will be on my desk to help me on that journey.”



Mike Seidl, Executive Vice President, JMark Services Inc

“In Write To Influence!, Carla provides far more than a succinct primer on applied writing skills with highly relevant practical exercises.  Even more importantly, she’s turned our focus to the communicative heart and soul of effective writing: to inspire and influence others.”

Rick Mix, President & CEO, Cleared Solutions Inc.

Write to Influence! will be my go-to-guide for many years to come. Read this book if you want to improve your communication skills.  It is now a must-read reference for all of my employees.”

Robert J. Butler, Co-Founder and Managing Director Cyber Strategies, LLC

"Where has this book been? Write to Influence! has it all—brilliant tools to teach writing fundamentals and strategies to compose products with that competitive edge."