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Hardcover Details
  • 05/2015
  • 978-0-9908447-0-9
  • 32 pages
  • $16.95
Petrell Ozbay
Xs and Os for Gabby Ann

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Gabby Ann loves kisses and hugs - especially an extra X and O from her mommy before bedtime. But, what about Gabby's daddy? He works on the other side of the world, at least a million miles away. So, how are his kisses and hugs going to reach her? When will they get there? What if they get lost along the way? Join the Xs and Os on a lively, global adventure as they find their way to Gabby Ann, helping children to realize the boundless and powerful spirit of a parent's love.
Goodreads - Zelie

Cuteness overload!!! Gabby miss her Daddy so much that she cannot patiently wait for her dad's Xs and Os.
But Mommy assured her that it would come right on time. And, surely, they did!

Net Galley - Aimee Landis

Perfect for children going to bed while a parent is away.

This book tells the story of Gabby Ann's beloved bedtime routine. Her father is far away and can't be there to give her hugs and kisses. Far away, her father sends his precious Xs and Os to his daughter. Readers follow the long journey of the Xs and Os over the ends of the earth before they arrive for Gabby. They swirl through different areas of the world, meeting various animal friends along the way. The illustrations are vivid, bright, and will appeal to children and adults alike.

This is perfect for times when one or another parent cannot be with a child at bedtime for any reason: work, divorce, active service, working late, hospitalization, date night, etc.

Thank you Netgalley and Adorn, Inc. for a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

Net Galley - Elaine Brent

What a truly enjoyable, beautifully illustrated story! It tells the story of Gabby Ann going to bed and wanting kisses and hugs not only from her Mum but also from her Dad who is working far away. This happens to many children for many reasons, for instance if one of their parent’s is in the armed services as happened to members of the author's family. In those situations a story like this will really help reassure the child that, although far away, their parent still loves them and is sending kisses and hugs to them. The story is beautifully and sensitively written, the adventures of the kisses and hugs will have the child smiling and when they eventually reach the sleeping child is delightful.

A charming book that whilst terrific for all children will be of particular relevance to any who have a parent away from home for any reason. The colourful illustrations enhance the tale and although Gabby Ann is a girl, the adventures with different animals will appeal to children regardless of gender.Xs and Os for Gabby Ann

Thanks to the author and publishers, too, for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Net Galley - Marilyn Panton

I love the whole vibe of this book. Who doesn't like to be tucked in by someone you love and smothered in kisses and hugs before settling down for a good night's sleep? That is the most perfect part of bedtime is it not? 

Gabby Ann loves that part of her day the best too and asks her mom again and again for just one more kiss and hug. Lovingly, mom obliges, and then Gabby Ann asks about her daddy? She knows he is far, far away working, but every night he faithfully sends her hugs and kisses to let her know she is precious to him and he is thinking about her. Gabby Ann gets fidgety and anxious waiting for those kisses and hugs to arrive. Mom assures her again and again that daddy didn't forget, encourages her to be patient and when she is asleep they will arrive. She affirms to her they are on their way even now.

This is such a fun adventure to follow those happy hugs and kisses from a loving daddy to their destination... his sweet Gabby Ann. His coveted gifts are launched on a spirited global rendezvous with the help of many participants who willingly take it upon themselves to have those love snippets delivered. Every child who reads this book will become aware of the love and commitment of a parent towards them and the lengths they will go to deliver that love. 

The illustrations are perfect. The colours are bold, vibrant and they are full of detail and energy. They pull the reader into the story and you can feel the synergy of everyone as they happily, freely volunteer and get one Daddy's hugs and kisses to his darling little girl, his, Gabby Ann.

Book Benefits National Military Family Association

We are pleased to announce that 10% of the net profit from the sale of every book will support the Operation Purple Camp Programs of the National Military Family Assocation. To learn more about NMFA click here


Hardcover Details
  • 05/2015
  • 978-0-9908447-0-9
  • 32 pages
  • $16.95