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Taylore Daniel
Author, Illustrator
Yoga for Writers: Quick and Easy Fitness at Your Computer
Introducing a remarkable way to improve your health with unique yoga moves that can be done sitting at your computer or standing behind your desk. No mats, floorwork, or special clothing required.
Midwest Book Review

Yoga for Writers: Quick and Easy Fitness at Your Computer addresses a common complaint among not just writers, but those who have desk jobs: the lack of activity and the concurrent dearth of time that lead to an inability to perform typical yoga or exercise regimens.

Taylore Daniel has crafted an alternative that leaves little room for either excuse: a series of yoga exercises that can be inserted into a busy sit-down day at computer or desk.

Daniel observes that “more and more of our lives are automated” and notes not only that “…there’s a paradox at work, because the more “ease” we have in our lives, the more “dis-ease” we have in our bodies,” but that “According to recent studies, “Sitting is the new smoking.” That is, it wreaks absolute havoc on our health.”

With these thoughts in mind, all desk-bound individuals (not just writers) should keep Yoga for Writers close at hand. It offers an alternative that is easy, achievable, and requires no special time commitment, exercise equipment, or prior yoga savvy in order to prove accessible.

Chapters offer not only the anticipated step-by-step written instructions, but include a handy line drawing of the pose being described and introduce each with a “Why do it?” exploration of the pose’s benefits.

60-second “micro-break” instructions offer additional instruction on duration, while a peppering of quotes from doctors and professionals reinforce health ideas.

The routines are organized by chapter heading covering health purpose and yoga stance, and each makes the most of 60-second “micro-breaks” that not only improve health, but supercharge the writer or worker’s creative impulse.

The result is a book that can be used by any reader, but which is especially recommended for those who want to expand the notion of ‘break time’ to include productive revitalization.