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Terry Eilertsen
Author, Illustrator
You Had Me at Meow: A Portrait of an Extraordinary Ordinary Cat
PART COFFEE TABLE BOOK AND PART PET MEMOIR, COMPELLING PHOTOGRAPHS ACCOMPANY THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE STORY OF A ONCE-HOMELESS CAT Terry didn’t want another cat. But then a stray tabby showed up in her barn one night and, instead of running off, meowed and bounded over to her, purring loudly as he twined around her legs. With that simple act of trust and love, he found himself a family and began a new life. In the years to come, this friendly stray would prove to be a phenomenal hunter, survive getting hit by a car, learn how to live in the house and walk on a leash, win a hard battle against heart disease, and even have a late-life romance. And through it all, he taught her that the greatest lesson of all—really and truly—is love.