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Young Mister Wigidgem
On the morning of his thirteenth birthday, July 4, 1994, James Wugidgem hung upside-down by his feet from the main storm drain on Oak Street. Beams of white light flashed out the tips of his fingers and thumbs. He reached down, gathered up Whiskers, and saved her life. He knew strange things were supposed to happen when you become a teenager, but nothing like this! This was too weird! From that moment on, he could no longer ignore his magical power, no matter how many times he tried.

“Young Mister Wugidgem is a fantasy, a mystery, and a family saga all rolled into one. At the heart of the book are the charming Wugidgems: father Will, a professional magician, mother Joan, a very rational lawyer, the brave thirteen-year-old James, and the spunky little Sally. When evil forces threaten their family on James’s birthday, all four Wugidgems must awaken their slumbering magical powers to ward it off. In the process, they learn how the past entangles the present. As the family work together to defeat evil and to escape from the past, their love and respect for each other are strengthened. All four Wugidgems are unusual, entertaining, and attractive. Every reader will have a favorite.”

Nancy Huddleston Packer, Stanford Professor Emeritus, Creative Writing Department