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Jodi Stapler
Author, Service Provider
Your Christmas Elf
Jodi Stapler, author

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Publish)

Did you know each child has a designated elf;One that knows you better than you may know yourself.Your Christmas Elf watches over you all year, but especially during the Christmas season, so you'd better be on your best behavior.
Taking a page from the Elf on the Shelf playbook, this cozy rhyming Christmas story suggests that every child has their own personal elf, “one that knows you better/ Than you may know yourself.” All year-round, the “designated” elves check in on children’s behavior in between caring for the reindeer, making toys, and baking cookies. As the holiday approaches, the elves keep closer tabs, accompanying children to school (seen hitching a ride on a yellow school bus) and peering through windows. If there’s something menacing about being watched by a personal elf, readers aren’t likely to mind; in Akhmetzhanova’s warm, smudgy scenes (and with names like Gingersnap and Jinglehopper), they seem more cuddly than critical. Ages 2–10. (Self-published.)
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5 Stars 

It is said that each child has a designated elf who knows them well and checks in on them and their good and bad behavior. They also do unique things like baking treats with Mrs. Claus, making toys that squeak, feeding reindeer in the barn or jingling the bells. Many elves have part-time jobs but from November first until Christmas Eve they stay around homes. They also ride with the children to school to make sure that they do their best, and also check if they are being good at home, being helpful and kind, and sharing. It is these elves who report about children to Santa.

Your Christmas Elf by Jodi Stapler and Aiym Akhmetzhanova is an adorable story that captures the essence of the Christmas season and will make children look for signs to see if elves are around them. It will also help young readers remember the essence of the Christmas season - that of giving and being kind. The illustrations by Aiym Akhmetzhanova are as delightful as the story and bring the concept and the festive spirit of the season alive for young readers. It is a good storybook to read out to children not only during the Christmas season, but during all seasons. This book will make a good gift to give children at Christmas and other occasions.

Parents and tutors can use the book at home and in schools to help children understand the concept of being kind, helpful, and demonstrating good behavior. The presence of elves in the book makes it magical and endearing just like the Christmas season and will help children be on their best behavior.