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Raewyn Weller
Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth

Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth shares a lifetime of study, information and experience that will help readers to heal themselves and prevent dis-ease. It will guide readers to an understanding of the Power of their Mind. To help them boost their energy and self-esteem, heal themselves, enhance the quality of their relationships and live a healthy life by learning how to take control of their thoughts, habits, addictions and stress. Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth offers the tools one needs to start living a life of vitality to enjoy a healthy mind and body.
“If left to its own devices, your mind always wants to go back to what it knows,” warns Weller, a New Zealand healer and biographer, deep into Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth, a book that collects a lifetime’s worth of inspiration and advice about wellness and nurturing the mind and body. That precept is key to her wide-ranging program for improving one’s quality of life: “If you want to make successful changes... you have got to make what is familiar unfamiliar and what’s unfamiliar, familiar.” To that end, she challenges readers to make changes to their thinking and habits, harnessing the mind to flood the body with what she calls “happiness chemicals.”

The book’s first third presents Weller’s thinking about the untapped power of the mind, which she likens to a garden readers must tend well to ensure robust health. The balance of the text offers Weller’s “Solutions for Healthy Living.” She illustrates her advice and arguments with spirited examples from her own life, which by her accounting has been healthful and happy. Wittily, she declares herself a bit of a bull, because she’s “Love-able, Cap-able, Answer-able, Account-able” and more. Weller supplements her suggestions with exercises crafted to guide readers toward a similar bullishness.

In a preface, Weller notes that she hopes readers treat Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth as a reference work, which is appropriate for a book constructed as something of a miscellany. She imbues familiar advice about positive thinking with fresh energy, and writes with charm and conviction. Readers who don’t subscribe to the Law of Attraction—the belief that positive thoughts can bring about success and health, while negative thoughts will cause failure and strife—will be alienated by Weller’s promises that a positive mindset will prevent and cure illnesses and diseases. But readers who agree with that premise will find much to interest them here.

Takeaway: This guide to healthy living will appeal to readers who believe in the Law of Attraction.

Great for fans of: Jennie Allen’s Get Out of Your Head, Catherine A. Sanderson’s The Positive Shift: Mastering Mindset to Improve Happiness, Health, and Longevity.

Production grades
Cover: B+
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: C+
Editing: B
Marketing copy: B+