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Molly Glenn
Your Mighty Soul: the Bumpy and Beautiful Road to Your Best Self
Molly Glenn, author
When we’ve known a lot of disappointment, it becomes hard to trust life. Excessive stress and unhappiness have taken their toll. Yet deep down we feel that there has to be a better way. We’re ready to do something that makes a difference. Take personal responsibility for our happiness. Deal with the negative thoughts and emotions that have seemingly run our life. Molly Glenn’s new book, Your Mighty Soul, is a spiritual primer for connecting with our soul and finding inner peace. At 115 power-packed pages, the book is designed for busy people looking for solutions that actually work. Molly shares her early struggles with anxiety and self-limiting beliefs and how meeting up with her own soul led to joy and freedom. Molly reminds us that our soul is not only our link to the divine but a powerhouse of wisdom and strength. Unless we pay attention to it, the connection can go weak, a condition she calls “soul-drift.” Molly’s book shows us how to wake up to the most authentic part of ourselves and come home to the life we deserve.