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Yours Always
T. R. Chacri, author
Distance may break up the relationships of some couples, but not theirs. Two friends, Ella and Natt, meet and part ways when they are young. One might think they'll go on with their lives and forget about each other. When one of them keeps a promise, though, a bond that has already forged between them becomes stronger. Years later, Natt has been isolated since going to live with his uncle. During that time, Ella is the only friend he has. Their correspondence assures them that their friends are out there, waiting until they can reunite. When Natt studies at a university, an accident turns his life upside down. After graduation, Natt has to live under an alias for several years; he waits for the time he can go home and start a family with Ella. He yearns for the kind of family he used to have when his parents were still alive. At last, Natt can go home, but his uncle asks him a favor. What can he say? He works undercover for his uncle, and he's in for a surprise.