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  • 02/2016
  • 109 pages
  • $0.00
Zeeka and the Zombies: Revenge of Zeeka

Zeeka and the Zombies is the first book in the mind-blowing Revenge of Zeeka five-book Science Fiction series.
It is the year 2036 and it is a high-tech world. 
Dr. Raynor Sharpe has a vision of zombie-like men with small heads walking on the beach. He awakes to find a female doctor, Janet, who is engaged to another man sleeping in the other room in his beachfront villa.
He is confused and more so when he receives a phone call from the Chief of Staff to go to the Gosh hospital urgently for a meeting. 
He and Janet rush to the hospital where Dr. George Brown had summoned the other doctors. He is surprised to hear Dr. Brown say that a zombie visited him, he sedated him and placed him in Room Nine. 
He had no name and he called him Number Nine. 
The zombie told him that his Master was Zeeka and there were fifty others like him planning an attack on the hospital.
The mystery deepens when Number Nine disappears from the hospital. 
Was he really a zombie?
Who is Zeeka and why does he want revenge?
Was the attack carried out?
Since this is the first book in the series all secrets are not revealed but will all be unveiled in Books 2 to 5.
Zeeka's Child Book 2,
Zeeka Returns Book 3, 
Zeeka's Ghost Book 4, 
Resurrection Book 5.

Amazon Reviewer

This is a story about a mad scientist who got really mad. We do not learn about him and his motives much in this book since it’s just the first part of the series. Yet Brenda Mohammed shows us the first consequences of his madness in this clever story about a virus outbreak leading to an emergence of strange zombie-like people. The fast pace and amount of action keeps this story thrilling. At the same time, the author manages to give us a glimpse of the main characters’ feelings that do not concern the zombies directly. We can observe a young doctor planning her marriage and her admirer’s disappointment. This seems to be a plot within the main plot, and it makes this story more complex, the characters easier to relate to, which is not easy to achieve in such a short story that is packed with action. Yet there is a final twist that reveals to us that personal lives of the main protagonists may be infected by Zeeka’s influence more than it seems at first glance.

This book leaves many questions unanswered and makes me look forward to reading the sequels. I can even imagine this book as a good movie.

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Votes: 1027 
Revenge of Zeeka: Zeeka and the Zombies

by Brenda Mohammed 
Votes: 1027


Kindle Edition eBooks Details
  • 02/2016
  • 109 pages
  • $0.00