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K.L. Taylor
Author, Illustrator
Zip----Line Mice ISBN # 9781548451325

Set at Balnagown Castle. Anthropomorphic Animals communicating with humans, speaking ancient Scottish Gaelic. Like Corgi Ville and Fievel the Mouse. Victorian, Scotland. Detailed illustrations on almost every page. Grandfather Carpenter and his Corgi, Madam Peach, are building an elaborate dollhouse for granddaughter Josalyn. Their mice friends, Rose Petal, Sweet Pea always help with the cleaning and figure out how to zip down the drying lines with a Kilt safety-pins left there after the clothes are removed. You'll meet the wee, bee size, baby hummingbird Melody, rescued from cobwebs. Josalyn comes to live at Balnagowan with her mouse, Mr. Brown and Madams sister Fox Girl. While Minnow fishing, Mr. Brown gets snatched by a crane and must be rescued from the rooftop by Licorice, the dapper crow. The interim has them zipping on new lines in the forest and in the old mill, gathering food for winter among other things.  The friends make great plans for Josalyn's Birthday working together to create Josalyn's Circus Extravaganza. First in series.