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Lost Wages of Sin
Rosalie Stanton. Dominic & Stanton, , $2.99 ISBN 978-1-945074-16-5
This supernatural erotic romance, which opens the Saints & Sinners series, presents a fascinating scenario—immortal siblings who embody the seven deadly sins—but stumbles in the execution. Ava, short for Avaritia, has just been dumped by an angel. Somehow the angel discovered that Ava is a Sin, which was supposed to be a closely guarded secret, and Ava fears Lucifer will kill her—or worse—for letting it slip. She flees to Natchez, Miss., where she encounters her eternally loyal and sexy vampire friend, Dante. Ava should be focusing on saving herself, but she can’t ignore the intense chemistry and long history she and Dante share. Ava is often a cipher whose motivations are explained but not fully shown, Dante is jealous and possessive, and their erotic encounters are sometimes clumsily written. Ava’s intriguing relationships with other immortal beings aren’t given much time to develop. Still, the promise of long-buried love finally emerging and the inventive worldbuilding will be enough to draw in less demanding fans of paranormal romance. (BookLife)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 08/10/2018