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Slouch Witch: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic, Book 1
Helen Harper. Helen Harper, $12.99 trade paper (342p) ISBN 978-1-5455-8544-3
This entertaining series launch introduces readers to a witch living in contemporary Oxford, England, who makes up for a lack of discipline with smarts, talent, and a dry wit. Twenty-seven-year-old Ivy Wilde was expelled from her training at the Hallowed Order of Magical Enlightenment for disobedience. Eight years after her expulsion, Ivy is mistakenly bound by the Order to a disarmingly attractive but frustratingly pragmatic Order detective, Raphael Winter. Both are unhappy with being forced to work together by this turn of events, but the magic that binds them together cannot be broken for at least three months. For their first assignment, they’re tasked with finding a thief who stole a valuable artifact from the Order. Saucy, unconventional Ivy and by-the-book Rafael often clash but have great chemistry. The imaginative worldbuilding, mystery, and sexy tension between the leads helps create an entertaining story. Readers will be eager for the sequel. (BookLife)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 03/22/2019

Release date 06/01/2017