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Sandwich’d: My Life Between the Breads
Peter Roseman. Plum Bay, $15.99 trade paper (160p) ISBN 978-0-9988617-6-0
Roseman and his family have been serving up sandwiches at Gourmet Galley in Stamford, Conn., for 25 years, and that experience, along with more than a dozen sandwich recipes, informs this slight memoir. His tales of work as a restaurateur echo that of many a restaurant owner: a litany of unreliable staff and no-shows (he realized a delivery driver quit only after a tow truck pulled up with the restaurant’s van), catered events that went awry (an outdoor Bastille Day tent party for a French company in Greenwich turned into chaos when the alcohol and water ran out), and longtime employees who became like family. Although his sandwich recipes are similar to those of other delis, Roseman shares personal stories with each, including the La Vache (a brie, tomato, horseradish sandwich whose roast beef Roseman ties and cooks himself); the Italian Combo (he recalls eating his first Italian at age 15, sharing it with a girl he had a crush on); a Peruvian Chicken Sanguchon of rotisserie chicken and fried eggs that their Peruvian cook developed; Sicilian Muffuletta (“like the Italian combo... only bigger” and with an olive tapenade). While this memoir doesn’t rise above others, Roseman earnestly recounts what it means to be part of a small family business. (BookLife)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 03/29/2019

Release date 10/01/2018