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Dreaming at the Gates: How Dreams Guide Us
Kathryn Ridall. DreamGate, $18 mass market (208p) ISBN 978-1-7331373-0-0
Ridall debuts with a genial exploration of how dreams can function as guides throughout life. She encourages readers to engage with the imagery and emotions of their dreams to find the lessons within, receive comfort, and identify personal obstacles that may be blocking them from moving forward. To that end, she lays out three approaches toward understanding dreams: a reflective approach that uses a set of “tools,” such as writing down the dream, identifying feelings, and recording emerging associations; a Jungian approach that ties dreams to the archetypes of the greater unconscious; and an approach in the vein of Jane Roberts that posits that some dreams, including precognitive ones, may be actual communications from outside oneself. She uses all of these to walk readers through her own dreams and those of others, coupling write-ups with the dreamer’s own reflections on its meaning and impact. Each chapter explores a different category of dreams, such as dreams that guide one through life transitions, repeating dreams that concern unresolved issues, and dreams connected with physical healing, among others. While Ridall never settles on a determined methodology, her demonstration of the value of listening to dreams proves affirming and resonant. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 01/24/2020

Release date 09/01/2019