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Taming a Wicked Rake
Tammy Andresen. Swift Romance, $2.99 e-book (125p) ASIN B07SG6FPHG
Andresen’s lively ninth Taming a Duke’s Heart Regency (after Taming a Defiant Duke) unites an independent woman and a reputed womanizer in an unexpected marriage. When Lady Madeline Maddox sends her essays on the plight of women to Charles Delaney, editor of the London Standard, his warm response leads Maddie to believe he values her opinions, not just her social standing and reputation as a beauty. The two strike up a correspondence and she agrees to meet him in person in a rose garden during a society ball, but she encounters rakish Lord Adam Kingsley instead. Maddie mistakes Adam for Charles and they share a blistering kiss, which Charles witnesses. Feeling rebuffed, Charles exposes Maddie’s transgression, hoping to ruin her. To save Maddie’s reputation, Adam proposes marriage. The only catch is that Adam claims he will never be able to love her, having witnessed his parents’ horrible marriage. But as the simmering attraction between them gives way to mutual respect, he may have to go back on his word. Though the instant passion and convenient relationship between Adam and Maddie seem somewhat rushed, the steady growth of their feelings is convincing. The strong leads will appeal to fans of historical romance. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 02/28/2020