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Jiffy Body: The 10-Minute System to Avoid Joint and Muscle Pain
Bart Potter. Blue River Publishing, $20 trade paper (146p) ISBN 978-1-73398-430-0
Potter, founder of a fitness-training company, presents a system designed to eliminate joint and muscle pain in this positive and uncomplicated look at the body and how to use it properly. Using amusing cartoons, Potter explains that even routine activities such as sitting, standing, and exercise can lead to muscle imbalances that can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling. To combat these symptoms, Potter outlines a program of different exercises targeting combinations of muscle groups, providing photographs and detailed illustrations to show the relationship between movements and muscle groups. One caveat is that the low-resolution photos are inconsistent with the clarity of the illustrations. However, Potter’s tone is enthusiastic and his stories are inspiring, encouraging readers to embark on the assorted exercise programs. Filled with succinct explanations and extensive variations on exercise routines suited to a wide range of abilities, this is an inviting tool for achieving better health. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 02/28/2020

Release date 08/01/2019