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A Beautiful World: Photography and Writings (1973–2013)
Robert Radin. Blurb, $250 (198p) ISBN 978-1-388-45789-1
Photographer Radin had no formal photography training when he took his first photo during a trip to Tibet in 1978. Opening this ambitious though uneven 40-year retrospective collection of 86 photographs is a serene shot from that trip of two Tibetan sisters, transfixed with wonder and innocence. It’s a fitting introduction to Radin’s knack for capturing a moment in time. Each image, accompanied by brief essays, grabs viewers’ attention: sailboats on the Nile, a bright red cabin set against an expanse of snow and ice in Antarctica, and a fisherman casting a net at sunset in India. Still, not all of Radin’s images adhere to the same standard: a portrait of a man and children along a road in India is a little cloudy and gritty; an alligator leers with glowing eyes due to Radin’s flash; and the interior of an Indian temple blurs in the uneven lighting. He’s at his best with close-up portraits, such as a charming Buddhist monk waving to the camera. While the quality of the photos varies, this is a fine testament to a life well traveled. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 05/01/2020