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Mrs. Mix Up
Candace Harper. Cellie Simkiss, $9.99 trade paper (198p) ISBN 978-1-08-786847-9
Two charming librarians navigate dating in the workplace in this ambling queer rom-com from Harper (News Flash). Ever since children’s librarian Molly Andersen started her new job six months ago, she has been attracted to her older coworker, Sofiya Anderson, but she fears Sofiya won’t understand her identity as a demiromantic lesbian. After an accidental coming out, the pair grow closer as they work together on a fund-raising project, leading to late nights in the office that take their unspoken sexual tension to a boiling point. But when their first kiss is interrupted, both choose to focus on work and put whatever is happening between them on the back burner—until a library convention over Valentine’s Day forces them to face their feelings once and for all. Molly and Sofiya’s similar last names cause a mix-up with the conference organizers, who take them for a married couple and book them a single hotel room—with a single bed. An endearing supporting cast round out the plot and encourage Molly and Sofiya to explore their attraction. Harper’s lively heroines and lighthearted premise are slightly undermined by the meandering plot, but the exploration of a lesser-known sexual identity is welcome and well done. Readers will be pleased. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 06/26/2020

Release date 02/01/2020