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Don’t Give Up on Me
Jodi Artzberger. Jodi Artzberger, $11.99 trade paper (228p) ISBN 978-1-68830-709-4
Former lovers reunite under dangerous circumstances in Artzberger’s enjoyable debut. When Amanda Cragge regains consciousness after being attacked, the first thing she sees is Ryker Scott, the police detective who left her eight years before. Though Amanda wants nothing to do with Ryker, she has no choice but to trust him as they work together to catch her assailant. Ryker faces his fear of rejection and relies on his faith as he seeks Amanda’s forgiveness for destroying their relationship by disappearing with no explanation. As more attempts are made on Amanda’s life, Ryker’s determination to protect her leads him to realize time is too precious to waste on fears of his own deficiencies. As he opens up to Amanda, she has a change of heart, and their love is rekindled as each finds new confidence after accepting God’s love. While the narrative suffers from slow pacing and outlandish twists, Christian readers will appreciate the many biblical references throughout. Those who enjoy the work of Susan May Warren will want to take a look. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 08/21/2020

Release date 08/01/2019