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Ora and the Old God (Of Ether and Silver #1)
Sarah Day. Sarah Day Author, $13.99 (298p) ISBN 978-1-73553-340-7
Growing up “in Fel, a small trade village in the country of Nor,” Ora Widogast, 17, who has pale skin, “frizzy black curls,” and “black eyes,” comes face-to-face with fae magic in this uneven adventure. Despite her uncle’s warning to keep her name safe, Ora’s is taken by dren Callum, a fierce Yewolyn warrior, on Ora’s first hunt. A worse fate befalls her seven-year-older brother Hademar, who is turned into a pig. Brought to “Tirnan, the royal city of Mysanhal,” Ora is left under the watchful eye of Callum’s wife, Tyg, also a Yewolyn, by the queen. Slowly, Ora learns about the fae realm and its inhabitants, finding that she can see their glamour and cast magic. When Tyg learns that Callum did not name-bind Ora, she threatens and punishes the girl, but Ora focuses on her one goal: to escape to the human realm and save her brother. Those versed in fae fantasy will spy familiar tropes, and characters feel somewhat underdeveloped; Ora, for example, often comes across as much younger than she is. Still, Day’s lyrical prose moves this plot-driven series starter along, and younger readers new to the genre will find plenty to enjoy. Ages 13–up. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 04/02/2021

Release date 10/01/2020