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If Grandma Were Here: A Book of Memories
Amber L. Bradbury, illus. by Jessica Corbett. Friesen, $8.99 e-book (34p) ISBN 978-1-5255-7250-0
In her picture book debut, Bradbury follows a family of three multiracial children and their respective memories with their grandmothers, one white and one Black—both shown as floating angels on the book’s cover. Utilizing the refrain “If Grandma were here,” Bradbury shows the children as they embark on adventures with their grandmas: building sandcastles and gardening with one grandmother (“You would help her plant colorful flowers in the butterfly garden”), seeing dinosaurs at the museum and attending dance lessons with the other (“She’d watch through the window as you do your best moves”), and more. Corbett illustrates in a flat, boldly colored digital style. This grief-centered narrative may serve as a starting point for children to share memories of deceased loved ones. Back matter includes “From Dusk Through Dawn,” a poem from the perspective of a grandmother. Ages 3–8. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 04/23/2021