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Boot Straps & Bra Straps: The Formula to Go from Rock Bottom Back into Action in Any Situation
Sheila Mac. Lioncrest, $6.99 e-book (344p) ASIN B089KXF6MM3
Mac’s exuberant debut combines can-do attitude with advice to help women live their best possible lives. She explains how her turbulent childhood, with a stint in foster care and periods of homelessness, led to broken relationships and feelings of low self-worth. In her early 20s, she became a mother and determined to live a happier, more successful life, for which she came up with her “BOOTS Formula”—“being” (approaching situations with positivity), “orientation” (understanding one’s place in a “life map”), “operations” (implementing a plan when at “rock bottom”), “thinking” (taking a moment to “think clearly” before making choices), and “stepping up” (accepting the personal responsibility to make change). She offers a mix of questions and suggested personal goals (such as pursuing three daily accomplishments) geared toward helping readers honestly deal with issues and determine their options. Each chapter starts with a tale of a woman in Mac’s life facing an obstacle who applied the BOOTS formula to great effect, such as her friend Angela, who rebounded from a divorce, and neighbor Geneva, who fought her way up from “financial rock bottom.” Mac’s spirited tone and personal story of overcoming adversity will inspire. Those seeking pathways to personal achievement should take a look. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 05/28/2021