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Book of Yeshua
Francis Chapman. Gilgamesh, $11.99 trade paper (236p) ASIN B08K7LJQ8Q
Chapman’s audacious debut, in which a character dubs the New Testament “the Great Lie,” opens in first-century CE Judea, where the desire of Yeshua (aka Jesus), a god who can’t be killed, to share “the human experience” doesn’t turn out as he expected. Yeshua was planning on releasing “himself from this world,” only to find that intention thwarted by the Annunaki, a triumvirate that includes Pontius Pilate and Simon Peter. The Annunaki, the founders of the Roman Catholic church, have other plans for Yeshua. Flash forward to 2024. The apparently immortal Annunaki, who remain devoted to their mission of “continuous, unending reincarnation,” have obtained a piece of zircon known as the Kishar Stone, which enabled Yeshua to perform miracles, but have not figured out how to activate it. They’re opposed by British lawyer Elliott Ambrose, a seemingly normal man who’s been reincarnated multiple times, and his mysterious allies. The fast-paced plot is full of surprises. Dan Brown fans will want to check out this alternate take on the origins of Christianity. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 08/06/2021