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March 18, 2024
BookLife has partnered with Combined Book Exhibit to offer you a premier marketing service at discounted prices!

About the Book Fair Marketing Service:

Since 1933, Combined Book Exhibit (CBE) has been helping publishers and authors introduce their books to librarians, publishers, agents, distributors, media and other important members of the publishing industry at book fairs around the world. Attendees at these industry events know CBE as a destination to discover great new titles!

Combined Book Exhibit is one of the longest running—and oftentimes, the largest—exhibitors at each event it attends, and it also promotes its title showcase at each event with pre-show mailings and social media initiatives.

Participants in Combined Book Exhibit can submit their book(s), ebook(s), or both for inclusion in CBE's title showcase. Book fair attendees preview titles and use CBE’s show-specific catalog containing every book’s details and participant’s contact information to follow up directly with CBE’s participants. You’ll receive a report with photos at the end of each fair recapping the exhibit’s success.  BookLife members save an average of $50 of CBE's published rates without having to pay their annual membership fee.

Authors can also advertise in CBE's show-specific catalog for each event. Ads are full color or black and white and are full page (8.5" x 11"). Authors are responsible for designing their own ads, and they need to provide them in PDF format. Click here for an example.

Combined Book Exhibit reaches hundreds of thousands of important members of the trade each year, and through our partnership, BookLife members can participate in the year’s biggest events. Choose the event and type of display you’d like to register for, and include as much information on your book as possible. Once you complete the registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email with steps on how to get your book and/or ebook to Combined Book Exhibit.

Book Fair Deadline Show dates
Public Library Association (Columbus, OH) Mar. 4, 2024 Arp. 3-5, 2024
Bologna Children's Book Fair (Bologna, Italy) Mar. 8, 2024 Apr. 8-11, 2024
Beijing International Book Fair (Beijing, China) May 10, 2024 June 19-23, 2024
American Library Association Annual (Washington, DC) May 17, 2024 June 27 - July 2, 2024
Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurt, Germany) Sept. 13, 2024 Oct. 16-20, 2024
Sharjah Book Fair (Sharjah, UAE) Oct. 4, 2024 Nov. 6-17, 2024
Guadalajara Book Fair (Guadalajara, Mexico) Oct. 1, 2024 Nov. 30 - Dec. 8, 2024

How Do I Sign Up?

Click here for detailed instructions.

Terms & Conditions

Following the completion of your order, you'll receive a confirmation email that contains details on where to send your books for print book orders and your files for ebook orders.

1. The person, company, reseller, or marketing company acting on behalf or registering for the author or company
who is submitting the online Combined Book Exhibit registration form is responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied and agrees to all terms and conditions stated here on behalf of the author or company.
2. The information supplied during the registration process is exactly how it will appear in the Combined Book Exhibit catalog(s) and on its searchable online database(s):
3. It is the responsibility of the person, company, authorized representative, reseller, or marketing company to keep the information supplied to CBE up-to-date and accurate.
4. Resellers, marketing companies and authorized representatives are responsible for their client’s information being accurate in our database for purposes of creating a print and online catalog. This includes but is not limited to, book cover image, description, price, PDF/Ebook uploads and ISBN information.
5. Resellers, marketing companies and authorized representatives/publishing companies/representatives will also be responsible for forwarding these terms and conditions to their authors.
6. Registration is required before any books are mailed to our offices. We are not responsible for any books received without an attached registration and cannot guarantee they will be displayed in our shows.
7. The author, company, reseller, marketing company or authorized representative is responsible for supplying CBE with the appropriate amount of display copies as outlined on the Combined Book Exhibit website.
8. Completion of the registration process including the receipt of the display copies must be accomplished by the stated deadline of each show outlined in CBE’s website.
9. Registrations cannot be changed after the published deadline for each show.
10. It is the responsibility of the author, CBE reseller, marketing company or authorized representative of the author
or publisher to upload a PDF or Epub file for the look inside the book feature. CBE will only show 25% of the file that is uploaded. For example, if the file uploaded only includes 16 pages, only four pages, (25% of the total number of pages in the file) will be shown on the CBE website. The pages shown will start from the beginning of the book only. It is the responsibility of the author, CBE reseller, marketing company or authorized representative of the author or publisher to monitor and update this information through CBE login and passwords provided at the time of registration. If an author or publisher sends the pdf or epub file to an employee of CBE to upload on behalf of the content holder, you automatically agree to all CBE terms and conditions.
11. Space is limited and on a first come, first serve basis.
12. Display copies become the property of the Combined Book Exhibit unless prior arrangements are made.
13. Full payment by authors, publishers, resellers, marketing companies and authorized representatives must be made prior to the Show’s date unless prior arrangements are made in writing.
14. CBE reserves the right to deny registration and/or representation at the show(s) and does not allow pornographic materials or books containing hate speech.
15. Only CBE authorized representatives can staff the exhibit.
16. The shelf placement of materials in the CBE exhibit is not predetermined. As such, CBE is not responsible for the physical location within the exhibit of the titles on display.
17. CBE reserves the right to change location of any display materials to serve the best interest of the exhibit as CBE sees fit.
18. CBE is a means of advertising or promoting books and other titles. CBE does not guarantee any sales or orders will be generated because of its service.
19. Small quantities of promotional material are allowed except for New Title Showcase designated shows.
20. If an author, publisher, marketing company or authorized representative of the titles on display attends a CBE show, the following is what we will allow at our booths during official exhibit days and hours:
a. Taking pictures of your title on the shelf.
b. Taking pictures with family members and friends with your title.
c. Leave promotional material on our table in the booth for attendees to pick up for certain shows (not
including BookExpo and London Book Fair New Title Showcases and New York Rights Fair Global Rights Showcase).
21. If an author, publisher, marketing company or authorized representative of the titles on display attends a CBE show, the following is what we will not allow at our booths during official exhibit days and hours:
a. Handing out promotional materials in our booth.
b. Holding meetings in the display area.
c. Staying in the display area for extended periods of time for any reason.
22. Resellers of Combined Book Exhibit Services:
All resellers of CBE services must obtain acknowledgment from an author/publisher registering and displaying at Combined Book Exhibit shows that said author/publisher agree to CBE Terms and Conditions above. Said
acknowledgment shall be in the form of an online “check box” or will be written acknowledgement included in the resellers contract, amendment, rider, or the like. If reseller does not obtain said acknowledgement from a reseller client/author, reseller hereby agrees to indemnify CBE for any violations of said Terms and Conditions by the reseller author/client.
23. Exhibit Badges: Registration for the “Display” of your book, whether it is print or ebook, does not include a badge for entry to the respective book fair. Exhibit badges for book fairs must be purchased separately on the book fairs website, or onsite at the fair. Fees will apply to purchase a badge and will vary from fair to fair.
24. Any person, company, or marketing company that is re-selling Combined Book Exhibit’s services requires that the person, company, or marketing company must include on their website or through other promotional activities clearly, that the Combined Book Exhibit is the company of record for the display of the author’s titles at the shows Combined Book Exhibit attends.