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December 7, 2023

Book fair marketing is an effective way to reach targeted audiences of all sizes, around the world. (Click here for more information about book fair marketing.)  Through BookLife's affiliation with Combined Book Exhibit, you're able to enter your book into various events right from your BookLife profile. Here's how you do it:

Begin with logging into your BookLife Profile.


Once logged in, choose the project you want to promote.

On the project's landing page, you'll see three boxes with promotional opportunities. Mouse over the middle one that says, "Advertise and Promote Your Book," and it will open up a lower window with a button that says, "Get into the Trade Show!" Click that button.

From here it's just a simple form, that begins with choosing the trade show in which you'd like to exhibit. 

After that, simply complete the form and submit. You'll receive further instructions for where to send your books and/or files once you've completed the registration.