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September 9, 2019
A step-by-step guide for purchasing BookLife Reviews and submitting books for Publishers Weekly review consideration.

Is your book ready to be reviewed? Great! Your BookLife account gives you access to two types of reviews: Publishers Weekly reviews (free to submit, not all books accepted) and BookLife Reviews (paid, guaranteed). Learn more about which review is right for your book.

In order to have your book reviewed, you must have a BookLife account. (If you don't have a BookLife account, you can use this form to both create an account and submit your book.)

If you're already a BookLife member, here's how you submit a BookLife project for review.

Begin by logging into your BookLife Profile. (If you've forgotten your password, it's easy to reset it. Just click the "forgot password" link in the login window.)


Once logged in, choose the project you want to have reviewed.

On the project's landing page, you'll see three boxes towards the top with promotional opportunities. Choose the one that says "Get Your Book Reviewed!" When you mouse over the box, a panel will display comparisons between BookLife Reviews and Publishers Weekly reviews, and at the bottom of the panel, you'll see a button that says, "Order One or Both." Click that button.

This leads to a form that asks you to select the review type(s) you're interested in and provide some additional information about your book or manuscript. This is also where you can upload or link to a digital copy of your book. (Publishers Weekly accepts print review copies. Both Publishers Weekly and BookLife Reviews accept digital review copies.)

Complete this form, enter your payment information if you're purchasing a BookLife Review, and you're all set! You'll receive an email confirming your submission.

For more information, see our FAQs about BookLife Reviews and Publishers Weekly reviews. And if you have questions about any of this, email