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March 6, 2015
International Book Fairs are some of the largest industry events in the world!

International book fairs, like Frankfurt Book Fair, London Book Fair, Beijing Book Fair, and others offer you the opportunity to break into new markets using the current version of your books, without translating works into the local language.  As the audience at these fairs includes publishers, agents, distributors, media, bookstores, and others, the different marketing opportunities are vast.

Foreign Rights:

Selling foreign rights is perhaps the most profitable way to break into new markets.  Foreign rights are sold to a publisher who takes on the burden of translating, publishing, distributing, and marketing your book in their local market.  Publishers from around the world attend international book fairs to find new titles to acquire, while agents also aim to discover new authors that they can represent in foreign markets.


If you already have a foreign language version of your book or find that the current version is in demand in foreign markets—English books are in demand in countries around the world, even where English isn’t the primarily spoken language—you could benefit from working with a local distributor that can make your book available in markets you aren’t yet reaching.

International book fairs are important venues for publishers and authors to broaden the reach of their books, open the titles to new opportunities and expanding the potential readership.