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August 1, 2014
For only $79, a Publishers Weekly reviewer will provide detailed feedback on the treatment and first 1,500 words of your project.

PW First Read: Helping you see your project through an agent or editor's eyes

Do you think your book is ready to go, but you're not quite sure?  Are you eager to show it to an agent or editor but you're not quite certain it's of professional quality?  Then PW First Read is for you.  

What Is PW First Read?

A $79 PW First Read is an affordable service that you can use to get quick, insightful feedback on a project.  Think of it as our take on what you might send an agent or editor to get them interested in your book.  One of our expert reviewers will read your synopsis and the first 1,500 words of your manuscript and provide an instructive response that analyzes your project's strengths and weaknesses, and offers constructive feedback on how it can be improved.  A First Read will help you through the early stages of the publication process, identifying any issues or red flags that might hinder your chances with agents and editors.

What Do I Get?

Submit a synopsis (a one-page summary of your book) and the first 1,500 words of the book.  A PW reviewer will read both and deliver you a concise, helpful evaluation within ten days.

The evaluation will include:

  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your submission
  • Commentary on how an agent or editor might interpret your submission
  • Pointers on how you can solve issues or red flags

Click here for a sample First Read evaluation.


Terms and Conditions: PW First Read includes a written evaluation, not any kind of conversation or correspondence with the reviewer, who will remain anonymous.  The evaluation will be delivered to you by email within 10 days of purchase; it will also be accessible on your BookLife dashboard.  Note: This service is a manuscript evaluation service, not a book review, and your evaluation may not be used as promotional copy or as a blurb to promote your book.