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May 2, 2023

PW Select can be a big help for authors.  Here are testimonials from a few:

Esther Mollica, author of The Queen of Gay Street

Burton Yale Pines, author of America's Greatest Blunder: The Fateful Decision to Enter World War One

"As the author of an independently-published non-fiction book, I knew that few review venues could top the impact of Publishers Weekly. I thus was delighted to discover the opportunity that PW Select offers to indie-published authors. Submitting my book to PW Select six months before the book's publication turned out to be my smartest strategic marketing move. PW Select'sexcellent review of the book has been attracting attention among key segments of book buyers; and I've been using blurbs from the review in all of my promotions. Not only is this helping sales greatly, but it also gives my book the extremely valuable PW imprimatur of being a professionally written and published work."

Walter Renfrey, author of Five Nights to the Crimson Moon

"My middle grade fantasy adventure, FIVE NIGHTS TO THE CRIMSON MOON, when submitted to PW Select, received a wonderful star-rated  review.  Getting reviews is not easy when you're self-published but the review and the PW Select full page interview with me (December 2012) have helped me tremendously to promote the book into Australian schools and libraries.  You can really feel you're an author.  I recommend PW Select."

Tim Anderson, author of Tune In Tokyo

"Before PW Select came along, I couldn't get arrested. I was just a poor hobo hocking a self-published travel memoir (Tune in Tokyo: The Gaijin Diaries) to an indifferent universe. But when PW Select featured me in their inaugural issue in December 2010--an author profile and a smashing review--I caught the eye of Amazon Publishing, who promptly placed me under arrest/gave me a book contract, yay! I'm now serving time promoting my second book Sweet Tooth and working on my third. Thanks, PW Select, for giving this hobo some beans!"