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March 13, 2023
By PW Staff

Forty-nine books from four genres advanced to the quarterfinal round of the 2022 BookLife Prize Nonfiction Contest. Stay tuned for the announcement of the semifinalists on March 14. 

Selected by the editorial staffs of Publishers Weekly and Booklife, the quarterfinalists are as follows:

Business/Personal Finance

Authentic Leadership by Angie McCourt

Branding Queens by Kim Rozdeba

A Business Roadmap for Professional Photo Organizers by Jill B. Yesko and Cathi Nelson

The Conscious Communicator: The Fine Art of Not Saying Stupid Sh*t by Kim Clark

Creating Superfans by Brittany Hodak

Design for Identity: How to Design Authentically for a Diverse World by Jessica Bantom

Playing to Win the RFP Game by E. B. Diamond

Project Management in the Hybrid Workplace by Phil Simon

Sell More With A Right-Brain Marketing Strategy by James I. Bond

Sound Is Not Enough by Svetlana Kouznetsova

Talking About Ethics by Rosemary Reeve

Wealth Your Way by Cosmo P. DeStefano

What the Pet Food Industry is Not Telling You by Stephanie Krol

Winning in Your Own Court: 10 Laws for a Successful Career without Burning Out or Selling Out by Dena Lefkowitz



Absolute Vision by Jo Pronger Faulkner

Acts of Compassion: Bringing Love and Caring Back into Your Life by Linda Spangle

The Atheist and The Afterlife: An Autobiography by Ray Catania

Artist: Awakening the Spirit Within by Jocelyn Jones

Endless Awakening by Patrick Paul Garlinger

Fallen Star: A Return to Self through the Eight Limbs of Yoga by Molly Chanson

Luminous: An Artist's Story as a Guide to Radical Creativity by Linda Dayan Frimer

The Ongo Book by Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens Chu

Resurrection Lily by Amy Byer Shainman

Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus by Jonathan Geoffrey Dean

Simon vs. Simon: The Saint and the Sorcerer by Edward N Brown



"Are You a N****r or s Doctor?" by Otto E. Stallworth 

Boundless: An Abortion Doctor Becomes a Mother by Christine Henneberg

Food and Freedom by Gabriella Lang

The Golden Ticket by Irena Smith

Memoirs of a Bible Smuggler by Jeana Kendrick

Mise en Place: Memoir of a Girl Chef by Marisa Mangani

My Heart Behind Bars by Lorri Britt

Myrtlewood Memoirs by Terry J. Woodall

Overcoming Deepest Grief: A Woman's Journey by Mary Aviyah Farkas

Rain On The Red Flag by Frank Nguyen

Somewhere in the Music, I'll Find Me by Laurie Markvart

The Queen of Gay Street by Esther Mollica

A Quest for Identity: From Afghanistan to the World by Parastu Ahang-Mehdawi



Conquer Your Fear of Water by Melon Dash

Disruptors by Craig Copeland

Finding a Job That Loves You Back by Carly Inkpen, Justin Wright, and Tad Mayer

Hamlet's Mirror by Elma Linz Kanefield

Is He Mr. Right...or Mr. Right Now?: Consciously Create Your Love Story by Heather Leah

Me Power by LaNysha T. Adams

Outside Mental Health: Voices and Visions of Madness by Will Hall

The Road Back to Me by Adena Sampson

Rooted in Decency by Colleen Doyle Bryant

Sacred Legacy by Amber Dobkins

Uncommon Courage by Andrea T. Edwards