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June 29, 2023
By PW Staff

This month, we’ve got cobblestone, a crowded classroom, double scotches, and more. To submit the first line from your book, email

A Feeding Frenzy in Washington 

George Franklin

"He was a morally vacuous human being, but he came by it naturally."


Hour of the Wolf 

Deanna Madden

"I dreamed about the old woman again last night. As before, I was following her down a narrow cobblestone street in a strange city."


The Human Trial by Audrey Gale

"Randy Archer skulked low in his seat in the overcrowded classroom, hanging his head so his black tangles concealed the angry lump on his forehead."


The Stash

Sandra Sperling

Suitcases clutched in each hand, Zak said, “Bullwinkle, open the door.”


Things to See in Arizona

Mary Vensel White

“I feel the gentle pull of the pencil across my eyelid.”


Those Who Would Be King: The People's Prince

Brent J. Ludwig

"The condensation from the doctor’s fifth double scotch on the rocks formed intersecting circles on the polished mahogany bar."