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August 7, 2023
By PW Staff
This round, we've got blood, quantum entanglement, the tragedy of love, and more. To submit a first line, email with the book title, author name, and subject "First Lines." 


The Bucket of Blood Issue #1:  A Darkly-funny Graphic Novel

Paul Malott

"Good Morning Detroit!!!"


The Quantum Entanglement Party: Adventures of the Miso Mice 

Annette Czech Kopp 

“Time being a funny thing, the night of the party came up much more quickly than thought, and Kaame and the Miso Mice gathered on the mezzanine.”

Ruthless: The Legacy Continues (Book 2)

Kathryn C. Kelly

“Love was the most egregious of tragedies; even the truest never ended well.


The Secrets of Cinnamon Cinderguard

Lara Lee

"There is a saying from the backwoods of the Samodivas forest that when all is lost, the future remains. For Cinnamon Cinderguard, all was lost, including herself.”


The Truth Effect

Anne Mortensen

"Kelly Blackwell sat cross-legged on the edge of her sofa and watched the anonymous whistleblower’s file drift, tissue-like, across her screen."