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October 20, 2023
By PW Staff

General Fiction

Abroad by Greyson Bryan

The Devil's Glove by Lucretia Grindle

In the Garden of Sorrows by Karen Jewell

Life at the Precipice by R.F. Vincent

Margaret of Austria by Rozsa Gaston

Never To Forget by Carlos Alvarado

Olawu by P. J. Leigh

The Peruvian Book of the Dead by Roger J. Florschutz

Project Boing;) by Brian W. Robinson

The Ring Breaker by Jean Gill

Third Act: A Novel of Buster Keaton by Kevin Mori

Tiepolo's Greyhound by E. Merwin

Well Dressed Lies by Carrie Hayes

With Great Sorrow by Lisa Boyle


The Coyote and a One-Armed Man: A One-Armed Detective Novel (The One-Armed Detective Series by B.D. Lawrence

Deep Fake Double Down by Debbie Burke

Death in the City of Bridges: A Miles Jordan Mystery Thriller by J.C. Ceron

The Empty Calling by Maren Cliff

The Excursion by T. O. Paine

Funeral Daze by Dorian Box

The Jerusalem Scrolls by Gary McAvoy

Loden's Children by Paul Chandler

A Measure of Rhyme by Lloyd Jeffries

The Night of the Burning Car by Rob Lubitz

The One by Audrey J. Cole


Anne Through Time by Harmke Buursma

The Clock in the Water by Crissi McDonald

Guitars & Cadillacs by Sabine Frisch    

Hope: Love & Disaster Trilogy Book 3 by Tara L. Roi

Lie With Me: A Steamy Second Chance Romantic Suspense (Night Herons Book 1) by Gwen Hernandez            

Raine Down: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (The Shadow Guardians Book 1) by CB Samet    

Shattered Ice by Jordyn Kross

Stuck with Me by Leslie McElroy

Tomorrow We Will Know by Sandra Worth

Under the Light of a Texas Moon by Lanae Joy



Apnea: a Novel of the Future by Jay Sizemore

Blood Fortune by Brock Rivers

CRISPR Evolution by Charis Jones

Downpour by Christopher Hawkins

Dragons Unremembered by David A. Wimsett

Itchiwan by J.J. Cunis    

48 States by Evette Davis

Leap of Faith by Anthony Harrington        

The Red Rebel Extravaganza by Angela Kay

Simon Says by Linda Williams Stirling

Three Grams of Elsewhere by Andy Giesler 

Three Shades by J.D. Grubb

YA/Middle Grade

The Accidental Boyfriend: A YA Romance by Lori Freeland

Back in the USSR by Patrick D. Joyce

The Beauty of a Spiral by Elizabeth Maddaleni

Branded by S.G. Browne

Born Torn: Kiara Noir Mother Nature Series by Suz Eglington

Broken Promises by Anita Perez Ferguson

Chasing the Moon by Melanie Hooyenga

Finding Fae by El Holly

Knight Without Ceremony by Ari Magnusson

Making Friends With Monsters by Sandra L Rostirolla

Welcome to Washington Fina Mendoza by Kitty Felde

The Word Dancer by Maxine Rose Schur