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Who Runs the World?: Unlocking the Talent and Inventiveness of Women Everywhere
Lois Quam
Pathfinder International CEO Quam fashions a powerful anthem for women’s rights in this knockout debut—and builds a formidable case for why women need the “chance to reach their full potential in life.” Quam’s focus—the connection between women’s healthcare and their success in all areas of life—drives her exhaustive efforts, both globally and on her home turf, to build and implement programs for “sexual and reproductive health and rights… that support every person, no matter who they are.” To that end, she shares Pathfinder’s boots-on-the-ground functions worldwide, highlights stories of the organization’s leaders, and details her far-reaching professional experience in empowering girls and women across the globe.

Quam is well-seasoned in the women’s rights arena, and her experience speaks volumes. From her company’s work on HIV prevention in Mozambique to youth-focused reproductive services in Ethiopia, Quam is clear that the “transformational social change” necessary to ensure women are respected, celebrated, and empowered starts with their reproductive health—“the foundation of a just and equitable world.” She lays a clear path for readers to effect change on their own terms as well, emphasizing decision making on a local level, modeled after Pathfinder’s “country-led system” that integrates health services and “shift[s] accountability…leadership, and key roles” out of the United States and into the communities being served.

“We never lose sight of our purpose, yet we learn and adapt as we encounter obstacles along the way” Quam writes, and that laser-focused intent drives her notable success as a firecracker champion for women. From crucial issues of childcare for working parents to the role of technology in improving access to healthcare, Quam is a staunch advocate—and never afraid to examine what could be improved. Her dedication, respect for other trailblazers, and emphasis on the next generation leading the charge make this urgent call-to-action a must-read.

Takeaway: Firecracker call-to-action for women’s healthcare rights.

Comparable Titles: Felicia Kornbluh’s A Woman’s Life Is a Human Life, Dorothy Roberts’s Killing the Black Body.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A