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September 24, 2018
BookLife and Publishers Weekly announce the titles advancing to quarterfinals of the 2018 BookLife Prize.

Sixty-six books from six genres advanced to the quarterfinal round of the 2018 BookLife Prize. Scored and selected by Publishers Weekly reviewers, the quarterfinalists are as follows:

General Fiction:
Infants of the Brush
Beside the Music
Going Widdershins
Ellen's Song
The Second Coming of Jesse James
A Dancer's Guide to Africa
Anne and Louis
The Uneven Road

The Quiet Type
Graffiti Creek
Brother Daniel's Good News Revival
Three Days at Wrigley Field
A Lady and Gentleman in Black
The Morning Line
The Patchwork Prince (Book 1): Stumbling Stoned
Vanquish of the Dragon Shroud
The Mad Hatter's Son
8 Seconds to Midnight

YA/Middle Grade:
Stranded on Thin Ice
Jake, Lucid Dreamer
Prison of Lies (Leftover Girl Book 3)
Top Choice
Ray Vs the Meaning of Life
A Yorkie's Tale: Lessons from a Life Well-Lived
Jem: A Foreigner in Philadelphia
Rufus: A Boy's Extraordinary Experiences in the Civil War
Queer as a Five-Dollar Bill
Caroline and Mordecai the Gand
In Two Worlds
Eva's Soul

My Life as a Pop Album (My Life as an Album Book 2)
The Thin Place
Sugar Street
The Cost of Hope
Awakened By Time
Uncharted: A Survival Love Story
After the Gold
Saving Miss Lillian
The Legendary Duke (Put Up Your Dukes Book 2)

Tale Half Told: A Christmas Ghost Story
Suicide Forest

Come Take Me: A Celestial Satire
Blood Seed
Fid's Crusade
Nyira and the Invisible Boy: The Graveyard Club Book I
Saint John Lennon
Nemecene: Through Fire and Ice
Driven to the Hilt: The Deepest Cut
Children Without Faces

Of Monkey Bridges and Bánh Mì Sandwiches
Malice Intent
Dying Well: Our Journey of Love and Loss
Those Three Words
Out of Grace
Waking up Human
Tea in Tripoli: A Memoir
Sidonia's Thread
A Bride's Confession
The Fog of Faith: Surviving My Impotent God
Walk Until Sunrise
What My Left Hand Was Doing: Lessons from a Grassroots Activist
Managing Bubbie

The quarterfinal round will be judged by the editoral staffs of Publishers Weekly and BookLife. Semifinalists will be announced on Monday, October 1, 2018. For more information about the BookLife Prize, check out all the quarterfinalists and public entries.