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May 14, 2021
By Michelle Argyle

This month, Michelle Argyle at Melissa Williams Design reimagines the cover of Tell, or the Adventures in Themiddle by L.N. Mayer. To submit a book for a free cover redesign, email us at

Design Note #1: Gradually lightening the bottom of the cover helps draw the eye from the bold title down to the illustration of the feet.

Design Note #2: I reimagined the beautiful original cover by simplifying it down to three colors. A bright, bold yellow draws the eye, while the white invites the reader to pause for a moment to decipher the title.

Design Note #3: The title is unusual and can be difficult to read in a small thumbnail, so making it bigger will help viewers quickly see and understand it more easily.  Using a serif font gives a more serious feel to the cover.

Design Note #4: Using the illustration along the bottom helps convey a sense of chaotic travel, which is also present in the original.