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August 30, 2019
By Michelle Argyle

This month, Michelle Argyle of Melissa Williams Design reimagines the cover of Boston, My Blissful Winter: Memories of the 1980s by Alain Briottet, translated by Paulette Boudrot.


Design Note #1: To keep the cover lighthearted and witty, I used a playful script font for the first word in the title.

Design Note #2: The original cover contains a lot of white space, leaving the viewer at a loss regarding where to focus. To avoid that, I filled up the cover with a photo of a famous Boston landmark and then worked the title around that.

Design Note #3: By superimposing color onto a black-and-white photograph, I created a vintage feel for this memoir of the 1980s.

Design Note #4: Color can play an important part of any cover. Since Boston is often associated with brick-red, I decided to stick with tones of red for both the title and bridge pillars. This also warms up an otherwise very cold cover.


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