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February 29, 2024

his month, we’ve got travel, health, spring sunshine, and much more. To submit a first line from your book, email 

The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace

Carolyn CJ Jones

“My deepest desire in sharing this book is to be useful to those of you who are tired of anger and resentment affecting your life.”


But the Heart Does

Iris Blobel

“Jonah Lewis rushed down the corridor, reaching the lift just in the nick of time before its doors closed behind him.”


Candle Light Meals In the Devil’s Comedy Store

Haji Outlaw

“Charles Weinmorre stood looking at himself in a full-length mirror.”


Even If We’re Broken

A.M. Weald

“Kate Roth pulled her key ring out of her jacket pocket—seven keys, a bottle opener, a small plastic human skull—then slid off the house key now devoid of use.”


The Great Forest

Valinora Troy

“Spring sunshine shone upon the Rock of Diamonds, warming the stone where twins Alan and Cathy waited.”


Health: A Natural Approach

Yael Tusk

“In Chinese medical school, I learned very quickly what it feels like to be the underdog.”


Lightwaves: A Film Critic’s Odyssey

Bill Thompson

“Movies are and always have been a snapshot of their age, a Cliff’s Notes version of the life of an era with all its wonders and outrages, fads, fancies, and tragedies—all the things that compel our gaze.”


Raining Fish and Frogs

Lois Wickstrom, Illus. by Janet King

“It had been a rough morning. I had a hankering for a breakfast of fried trout, but nothing was biting on the shore of Lake Fish-or-Cut-Bait. Not even the mosquitoes!”


The Last 0-Day

B.R. Russell

“Erik Anders walked along the sweltering basal streets of District 19.”



Michael Kelso

“My name is Alice. When I was 10 years old I learned a very important lesson in life that helped me through some hard times. It also led to my demise.”


Shumi the Dwarf Hamster

Denisa Rosca

“In a house, in a country far, far away, lived a dwarf grey hamster with plenty to say.”


Traveling in Wonder

Autumn Carolynn

“Travel. A word that can bring so much happiness, a meaning that can make one’s inner self shine, a way to find oneself, and the most beautiful gift I’ve ever explored.”


Triptych Unhinged

Scott G. Harvey

“The author of these stories finds it challenging to be human.”


The Word Made Fresh

George A. Mason

“We began worshipping in a movie theater and we’ve ended up in a symphony hall.”