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March 26, 2020
BookLife Staff
Are you an indie author stuck at home? Tell us what you’re reading and writing! Tell us what your cat is reading!

We love the photos we’ve received so far for our Indie Pics feature! Since so many of us are working from home during the Covid-19 outbreak, we are launching a new Indie Pics series. While Indie Pics typically invite indie authors to share clear, engaging photos from readings and other community events, as the pandemic persists, we’re asking for something a bit closer to home.  In fact, we’re calling it “Indie Pics: Authors at Home.”
Are you reading a book from another self-published author? Snap a photo of it on your nightstand. In your caption, name the book, the author, and why you love it.  Also let us know your name and your own book titles.
Do you have a unique writing nook? Take a photo and share it! Describe where you write, why you chose that particular space, and let us know what you’re working on now.
Have a link to a video on social media you’d like to share? Some remote reading, perhaps? Send us the link along with a description of who you are and the title of your book.
Have a new coworker—maybe a four-legged one? Any HR complaints so far? We love pet pics. Please also share your name and the titles of your books.
It’s up to you! This is the optimal time to get creative, rediscover what matters to us most, and to practice staying connected under any circumstances.
Please submit your photos and videos to